BY: Saray & Jeannette
EVENT: Summits with a Purpose
01 September 2018 - 30 September 2021

Summits with a Purpose is an initiative that was founded by business woman & mountaineer Saray Khumalo, the first black African female to summit Everest. The initiative is a platform where climbers from all walks of life can raise awareness for the need of literacy as an investment in the next generation of leaders.

Initiated to support Saray's 7 summits journey, Saray decide to scale Summits with a Purpose through a broader partnership with other successful mountaineers. The broader remit was born from a partnership between Saray and Jeannette McGill who is the First South African female mountaineer to summit Mount Manaslu, the 8th highest mountain in the world.

 Summits with a Purpose campaigns can now be run by different climbing groups until collectively a full library is built. 

(R40k gets a naming mention, and R250k is the cost of 1 library)

Let's do this!

1. Jeannette McGill summits Manaslu in 2018 and raised R1200

2. Mechelle Chetty currently raising funds while she climbs Mont Blanc in 2019

3. Who will be next?

Donating towards this worthy challenge will ensure some of the remote regions of South Africa don't go unnoticed and that they too get a chance to use Literacy as a means to change their own circumstances in life.

Giving the gift of Literacy allows for freedom of thought, spirit and inspires others to learn beyond what they can see. It is the bridge from poverty to success! Help us reach new heights as we collectively make a small difference.

Donate today.

Summits with a purpose


Name Comment Date Amount
Newazli Newazli and PORT ST JOHNS SUPERSPAR will Mechell Chetty A successful summit YOU CAN DO THIS FOR THE LEARNERS 21 September 2019 20,000.00 ZAR
Team Consolidated Travel Best Wishes Mechell and Satch for your climb "It's not the Mountain we conquer but ourselves" Warm wishes From Rajes and The Team at Consolidated Travel 20 September 2019 1,500.00 ZAR
Maya Proud of you my daughter, Mechell. 20 September 2019 500.00 ZAR
Ranjay Sewpursadh All the best Sach 17 September 2019 2,500.00 ZAR
Reece Kisten Goodluck Mechell. You are an inspiration. 17 September 2019 1,000.00 ZAR
Deshin Pillay Good luck Mechelle... Great initiative.. take care of Satch and have a safe return. Regards Deshin Pillay. 17 September 2019 1,000.00 ZAR
Christie Venketraju Good luck Team 17 September 2019 1,000.00 ZAR
Adv T N Aboobaker To Mechell All the best on summit night. Good luck! 13 September 2019 2,400.00 ZAR
Stefan Cloete Dear Mechell, go have fun and conquer the mountain! Can't wait to celebrate with you on our joined birthday;) 13 September 2019 200.00 ZAR
Janet Good luck Mechell, will be sending good energy and positive thinking to you. Crack it! 10 September 2019 1,783.00 ZAR
Pradeep Ramlall Pradeep wishes you success in this journey for Tata Madiba 10 September 2019 2,000.00 ZAR
Ashish Magan Best Wishes Mechell! 04 September 2019 300.00 ZAR
Bruno Mechell all my support and energy for the climb, I'll be watching you from Chalet W! 03 September 2019 10,000.00 ZAR
Santhana Good luck Mechelle! 21 August 2019 200.00 ZAR
Jenny Dowlath My Sporty Spice in action....if anybody can, YOU CAN! 20 August 2019 500.00 ZAR
Kevin Moodley Go Mechell. You got this. 19 August 2019 500.00 ZAR
Hugo Salcedo Go Mechell!! 14 August 2019 1,506.00 ZAR
Harsha Jalihal Good luck Mechell!! 14 August 2019 1,506.00 ZAR
Evelyn Espinal Inspired by Mechell's purpose 14 August 2019 1,506.00 ZAR
Cohesion Collective good luck!!!!!! 08 August 2019 500.00 ZAR
Alex Strobl Congratulations on a stunning achievement! 05 October 2018 500.00 ZAR
Karin Ireton What an amazing initiative .. such amazing women 28 September 2018 500.00 ZAR
Azi & Ocacile Khumalo One step at a time Jeannette McGill. With you all the way! 10 September 2018 200.00 ZAR
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