BY: Danny Vogel
EVENT: Old Mutual JoBerg2C 2016
21 October 2015 - 31 May 2016

Hi, my name is Danny and I´m from Germany.

I did the Old Mutal JoBerg2c already 3 times.

2015 on full rigid single speed bike....btw...the 2015 Trans Alps as well....on the same bike!!

Why? Not only because I´m a little crazy...more to show that you can archive really big things even with simple stuff if you a have strong

and clear mind. It always seems impossible until it´s done (Nelson Mandela)

And that´s why i started to build my own container library up here in Germany. Just with a handful of good friends we started to buy a

40ft container and convert it into a solid library. We had no idea how to do it but hey, it´s seems to work out.

I also involve local schools and kids. I tell them about the government schools in SA and the system...

and why they have no permanent access to books!!

And I bring the kids to the container so they can paint it with colourful drawings and happy messages for the kids in SA. 


So if you want to be part of this unique project than feel free to donate a few Rand as I still have to raise some money to get the transport

from Durban / harbour all the way up to a local school next to Sani Pass. And there are a few things which I can´t do here in Germany as

assembling the windows, security gates and getting the container 100% ready.


Here you can find all the news about my project (it´s only in german but the pictures speak for themselves)

Selfmade Container-Library from Germany


Name Comment Date Amount
Danny Vogel / Kids auf Primary School Mainz-Drais Proud to be part of that project 28 January 2016 50,000.00 ZAR
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