BY: Elbie Kruger
EVENT: Joberg2C 2019
02 September 2012 - 31 August 2019

The Sage Foundation Joberg2c initiative


So I have taken the plunge and will be sacrificing my body and legs for 9 days of riding across beautiful South Africa in the company of 800 other cyclist covering more than 900km for a worthy cause.


The Mandela School Library Project.


Why not help me generate some funds so we can be part of creating a better future for those less fortunate than us? I have set myself a target and every cent counts towards building another school library so we will be able to give the gift of Literacy to another child.


With average literacy rates of only 32% at a grade 5 level in rural South Africa it will be easy to make an impact but it all starts with you and your donation, no matter how small.


I will do my bit so please help me by doing yours and donate on my Mandela Charity Champion page.

Sage Foundation for Mandela


Name Comment Date Amount
Jason What's a pirate's favourite content format? the webinARRRR! 24 April 2019 200.00 ZAR
Nathaniel Dadzie Great cause, education always wins! 05 April 2019 350.00 ZAR
Niki Estrella Great work Elbie, You can tell me all about it when I come over to SA! 05 April 2019 200.00 ZAR
Tamsin Van Rooyen All the best Elbie! 29 March 2019 200.00 ZAR
Johny Cummins Nice one Elbie! 28 March 2019 100.00 ZAR
Max Best of luck Elbie 28 March 2019 160.00 ZAR
Emmet Porter Good man Elbie. 28 March 2019 320.00 ZAR
Anon Good Luck! 28 March 2019 500.00 ZAR
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