BY: Qualibooks
EVENT: Mandela Day Libraries
17 September 2018 - 30 September 2020

The Gift of Literacy, lasts a lot longer than any Donation, so every little bit helps?

With Early Learning Literacy in mind, and the need to inspire a generation on the benefitrs of Education, the Long Walk to Freedom Brand in conjuction with Tim Mostert, the famous cartooninst and the publishers Qualibooks, have create a special series of 12 readers for children between ages 5 to 11 that tell the Long Walk to Freedom Story of Mr. Mandela in a pictorial fun way.

Your contribution will be reserved directly for us to print more books and distribute them to our Libraries all over South Africa. They will be read by thousands of children in many schoiols.

With each set of 12 only costing R699 or $ 51 US it is not hard to imagine that an entire generation of kids could learn to read while exploring heritage and the significance of leaders who sacraficed thier lives in the service of others. Help us to help children gain the significant gift of Literacy.

Donate now and tell all your friends and family to donate a smalll amount to books for good.


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Name Comment Date Amount
K & H Freight Books and More Books for Literacy, a privilege to be in a position to help children 28 February 2020 52,400.00 ZAR
K&H Freight Adding to Literacy in SA 28 February 2019 40,000.00 ZAR
Robert Coutts Reading is a great Liberator of the imagination. We can dream aspire and live with hope if we can read. 17 September 2018 100.00 ZAR
Microchem Lab Services Thank you Microchem for the Books 30 November 1999 33,000.00 ZAR
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