BY: Robert Coutts
EVENT: Old Mutual JoBerg2C 2016
05 September 2015 - 31 July 2016

Since 2011 we have been funding Libraries. To date we have seen improvements in Literacy in schools of 22% on average. While this may sound like a slow process lets take a moment to understand that.

Help me make a difference in the lives of children so we can build a better world for all our kids

Statistics collected independently in our Libraries show:

  • Each Child that learns to read stays in School  a minimum of 2 years longer for male and females generally finish high school
  • The average male child sees an improvement in earnings potential of almost 200% once they leave school
  • The average female child sees an improvement in earning potential of almost 2200% once they leave school (mainly due to them finishing high school)
  • An audit showed that rural schools saw an improvement in 80 000 children with a increase in literacy from 32% to 56%
  • All Libraries deployed so far are operational 5 years down the line and will continue operating under our program guidance for at least 15 years
  • Soul Buddyz the reading club is now over 170 000 school children strong and growing
  • We need another R100 000 000.00 to change the face of South Africa forever but we all start somewhere
  • Some libraries are now community owned and support adult literacy as well as after school reading program
  • Rotary International are supplying unlimited books so far and we have Rotary support from around the world with more than 5 million books sorted and shelved between Cape Town and Johannesburg ready for distribution
Mandela Day Library JoBerg2C 2016


Name Comment Date Amount
Charities Unlimited One learner at a time we can change the outcome 27 January 2016 50,000.00 ZAR
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