EVENT: Direct Donation
25 April 2014 - 01 March 2024

The Mandela Day Library project was started in 2011 and since its inception the total amount of children who now have access to Mandela Day Libraries has past 150 000 children a day. The libraries have a direct and real impact on the young minds in each school where we locate the libraries. The primary objective is to give the children a "hand up" and not a "hand out" . They have it in their power to learn to read with the use of the library and with that, we hope that they will use the skill of reading to learn further.

This is why we fill the libraries with books that are aspiration and inspirational. Ideas and places to go that will help to inspire change and hope, as well as the desire to learn more and stay in school.

From the time you start the donation cycle to the initiation of the building of the library we aim to ensure people are uplifted during the whole process. 

You as a donor will help us to educate others to stand up and make a difference , no matter how small. We take the money and initiate a project that buys an old shipping container (12meters). The conversion company then uses people from underprivileged areas to help transform the container by fixing it , waterproofing the roof, painting and installing the doors windows, insulation and security gates as well as electrical fittings in a process that teaches skills such as metal work, welding, painting, fitter and installation of electrical wiring.

The containers are then delivered on a truck and loaded into place ready for the acceptance of books that are donated by Rotary International.

The schools take responsibility for the library and receive training and help on librarian services as well as the support of the Soul Buddyz reading club in South Africa, which is an organisation of more than 150 000 school children that arrange reading clubs in all areas of schooling for South Africa.

The libraries are continually restocked and can carry about 5000 books in total, as well as act as a safe keeping place for official school text books. The units are designed and built to last at least 25 years but we hope to see at least 15 years of continual use until such time as a permanent library is installed. When a permanent Library is built then the school can choose the relocation of the Mandela Day Library container to a new school so others can benefit.


Mandela Day Libraries


Name Comment Date Amount
Kaefer Thermal Solutions One Child at a Time. 10 January 2024 510,000.00 ZAR
Mthunzi Nzima Reading is wealth 18 July 2021 200.00 ZAR
Donovan Fourie Best of luck 18 July 2021 200.00 ZAR
JM Lets help and go forward. 18 July 2021 200.00 ZAR
Jen Abbot I hope this helps! Books have always been my best friends and cant imagine growing up without them 17 July 2021 200.00 ZAR
Crofton Mclaughlin Let’s build an educated nation 17 July 2021 200.00 ZAR
Athol from a member of the Harley ROC Chapter Building the nation one book at a time 17 July 2021 500.00 ZAR
ANDRE DRURY #Bikers 08 July 2021 100.00 ZAR
Anonymous Biker donation 08 July 2021 100.00 ZAR
Jacob Fossum The purpose of our lives is to be happy - that is why we donate. 04 July 2021 11,000.00 ZAR
Dennis Lundø Nielsen payment from Dennis 02 March 2021 18,951.00 ZAR
Saran Ganesh Happy to be part of this 13 January 2021 755.00 ZAR
Kaefer Power Adding to the IQ of South Africa one book at a time 04 November 2020 250,000.00 ZAR
Heine Kjaer Happy to be a part:-) 28 October 2020 15,467.00 ZAR
Kaefer Building Infrastructure that makes a difference in children's lives. As a company we invest in the future through Education 20 October 2020 250,000.00 ZAR
Bård Fossli Jensen Thank you for your important work 29 September 2020 850.00 ZAR
Surasen Thambiran Honored to be able to be a part of this great project in the name of the great Nelson Mandela 18 September 2020 1,000.00 ZAR
Hytec Group Our 7th School and building a better life for those Children 30 January 2020 250,000.00 ZAR
Sheila Healy & Richard Harvey Merry Christmas! 23 December 2019 3,000.00 ZAR
Johannesburg Hiking Club Congratulations on your Everest Summit and best wishes with the wonderful work that you do for children's literacy. 21 October 2019 500.00 ZAR
Hytec Group Every Year we aim to influence and change outcomes for children. This year it is our 6th Library and very Proud of the results 08 October 2019 235,000.00 ZAR
Antonella Smeby Changing the world one wrist at a time 23 August 2019 1,254.00 GBP
Hellen Donation for joBerg2c. Goodluck and safe trip. 02 May 2019 650.00 ZAR
Kaefer Energy Projects Adding to the Legacy one school at a time 21 February 2019 250,000.00 ZAR
Ellies Electronics Pty Ltd Building a Nation one school at a time, for all at Ellies Country wide 30 January 2019 235,000.00 ZAR
Kaefer Energy Projects Helping to build Mandela's legacy 05 December 2018 250,000.00 ZAR
Brian Andersen Thank you for our cooperation 02 November 2018 324.00 ZAR
Bob Guthmiller Thank you for doing good work. 30 October 2018 1,423.00 ZAR
Penny Never underestimated the power of books and the value of reading. 04 September 2018 1,000.00 ZAR
Thomas Knowledge is power 18 July 2018 200.00 ZAR
Cheryl A wonderful initiative 18 July 2018 200.00 ZAR
Jill F D I will never forget my visit to Cape Town. x 24 May 2017 100.00 ZAR
Iraj Bastar Repair bangles 46664 .- ref. e-mail from Robert Coutts - 27. jan 2017 Document No: 1985 VAT number: 4620264129 29 January 2017 1,017.00 ZAR
Kath McGuire The power of books. 03 January 2017 1,660.00 ZAR
Khulisa Management Services Khulisa is honoured to make this donation for Mandela Day 2016 18 July 2016 670.00 ZAR
David Friston Thank you for the good work. 09 June 2016 20.00 USD
Kerry Ryan In Loving Memory of my Wife 11 August 2014 2,000.00 ZAR
Ride2Raise JoBerg2C 2014 An outstanding ride, and outstanding cause and a whole team of dedicated riders 04 June 2014 49,758.60 ZAR
Origin Ride2Raise what a wonderful journey! Joberg2c! 01 June 2014 36,000.00 ZAR
Marie-Anne Spencer-Clarke Att. The Bangle Team....with thanks 07 April 2014 50.50 USD
Danny Vogel & Andreas Freiter All the way from Germany bearing gifts for the Old Mutual Joberg2C Mandela Day Libraries 30 March 2014 50,000.00 ZAR
TEST 12 March 2014 1.00 USD
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