EVENT: Direct Donation
15 March 2014 - 01 May 2024

Help us by donating any amount to the Mandela Day Library campaign of the Mandela Bangle. The Library project is perhaps one of the most effective ways to ensure your money has a direct impact on children who need to learn to read before they can use reading to learn.

Each Library has an average impact of 1000 children per day in a school and is placed to last at least 15 years. Populated with book that are not only inspirational but also aspiration so children of the poorer underprivileged communities can see that education is a great way to help them selves.

These libraries make such a significant impact that we have dedicated the entire Mandela Bangle program proceeds to the program and are proud to say that more than 36 libraries have been delivered so far with exceptional results since 2011.

Read about the project and let your friends know that they too can help communities by donating or even creating their own Participate for Good project on the web site to generate funds.

Mandela Bangle Library Project


Name Comment Date Amount
Hytec Group Working together to make a change in South Africa 10 December 2019 250,000.00 ZAR
Oryx Energies Building the Country one book at a time 18 November 2019 125,000.00 ZAR
Old Mutual Insure Building our Nation one person at a time 11 October 2019 500,000.00 ZAR
Cargo Works Making a difference 02 April 2016 5,000.00 ZAR
Cargo Works Delivering more than just your goods, making a difference to South Africans in all we do. 02 April 2016 80,000.00 ZAR
Hytec/ Mandela Bangles Literacy, a necessity for a better generation tomorrow. Investing in the Children of Africa 29 October 2014 150,000.00 ZAR
Mandela Bangles Every Step is another towards Educational Freedom 01 August 2014 27,429.90 ZAR
Mihaela Herescu Happy to help 08 June 2014 778.00 ZAR
Mandela Bangles Building a better youth for all 01 June 2014 33,006.30 ZAR
Mandela Bangles One step closer to another Library from your bangle purchase 30 March 2014 41,116.10 ZAR
Archive Archived Donations 01 January 2014 138,252.00 ZAR
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