BY: John Grogan
EVENT: Mandela Day Libraries
14 March 2017 - 31 August 2017

With all the hatred around the world these days I have decided to do something good. I hope to one day soon have raised enough money to open a library for underprivileged children in South Africa. All donations no matter how small will help us to one day reach our goal. I cannot do this without the help of my fantastic friends and family so please, donate today and change the course of a child's life forever.

By helping these children to learn how to read we could change the course of their life. Education is the key to a brighter future and without it these children have little hope of success. My aim is to raise as much money as possible (target $15,000.00 US (200,000 Rand): that is the cost for the books and the container) over the course of the coming weeks and months and in turn open a library for these children. Each library gives access to 1000 children for up to fifteen years. Just imagine the impact we could have on these kids' lives if we reach our target. 

Library Fund to help the children with education


Name Comment Date Amount
Dani Grogan Good luck xxx 29 May 2017 282.00 ZAR
Claire & Greg Happy belated birthday John and congratulations on a great initiative. Love from Claire & Greg 14 May 2017 1,433.00 ZAR
Diane Meade Best of luck with this project John..xxxx 30 April 2017 714.00 ZAR
Bernie Come on people, we can do this for Johns Library.!!! 29 April 2017 1,424.00 ZAR
Todd Stewart Happy birthday John! 05 April 2017 1,682.00 ZAR
Claire Kennedy A very happy birthday to you John and looking forward To celebrating in person next week! X 04 April 2017 1,669.00 ZAR
Bernie Wansboro A very Happy 50th Birthday me oul pal, Love you..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 04 April 2017 1,401.00 ZAR
Deirdre O'Brien Happy Birthday John - what a lovely thing to do for your birthday xxx 31 March 2017 1,361.00 ZAR
Suzanne Stein All the best for your special birthday and the opportunity to contribute to a good cause. 31 March 2017 2,723.00 ZAR
Felipe Valdez Happy birthday John! Proud to support you in donating to this noble cause! xoxo 30 March 2017 640.00 ZAR
Missy Happy birthday husband 30 March 2017 640.00 ZAR
Brenda & Pat Wonderful and caring cause...your amazing xx 29 March 2017 1,373.00 ZAR
maeve, poppy, sinead So proud of your commitment to a wonderful cause xxx 29 March 2017 2,059.00 ZAR
Mark & Orlaith Happy birthday John! Best of luck achieving your target and with your big move to SA. 29 March 2017 274.00 ZAR
Amy Happy birthday John, lovely idea. Amy xxx 28 March 2017 309.00 ZAR
Ricardo, Anja and Mia Darling! Happy Birthday! I wish we could be with you guys to celebrate. We will try to come and visit in SA. Love you lots. Anja, Ricardo, Mia and Otto 27 March 2017 760.00 ZAR
Marisha Dea Love you John. Happy Birthday & can't wait to visit you soon! 27 March 2017 2,437.00 ZAR
Mark, Lucy and Mia Happy birthday John. Lots of love xx 26 March 2017 2,437.00 ZAR
Jen (Ea) Happy birthday John. Will miss you xx 26 March 2017 50.00 0
Diane Mortiere Happy 50th John! Pleasure to donate to this cause in your honor! 26 March 2017 609.00 ZAR
John DeVincentis & Dennis Mankin Happy Birthday, John - & all the best in your latest adventure! Dennis & John 26 March 2017 610.00 ZAR
Miryam Happy 50th Bday!!! 26 March 2017 1,221.00 ZAR
Richard and Alvinho Happy birthday John! Having an amazing holiday then a brilliant time in South Africa. All the very best with the project. xxxxxx 26 March 2017 610.00 ZAR
GG Somerville Happy Birthday John, It so special knowing you, you will be missed. Best of luck to you and Miles on your new adventure. Expect a visit -- GG 26 March 2017 610.00 ZAR
Richard Lee-smith So proud of you John to be giving to charity! Happy 50th darling 25 March 2017 1,221.00 ZAR
Neill Heath & Jay Hone Happy 50th Birthday, John Best Neill & Jay 25 March 2017 610.00 ZAR
Eddie Suarez, Mehl Penrose and Alexa Ariel Happy 50th Birthday, John!!! We are honored to call you and Myles, our friends. We can't wait to see you tonight and also visiting you in South Africa. We love you both. Blessings, always. E&M&A 25 March 2017 1,832.00 ZAR
Nick & Eduardo Happy birthday!!! Thanks for the great idea of choosing your gift to be given to such a beautiful cause! 25 March 2017 610.00 ZAR
Gav & Naomi Happy 50th Birthday John. Best of luck in reaching your target. Can't wait to visit you in SA and see how many animals you've adopted! 23 March 2017 1,853.00 ZAR
Breda Clarke What a wonderful thing to get involved in John, you've a heart of gold. Happy Birthday to you. 22 March 2017 665.00 ZAR
Stacy and Mike Happy 50th Birthday!!! We'll miss you! 21 March 2017 621.00 ZAR
Ruth Hi John...Happy Birthday, and many many many more. Thank you for your generous heart in doing this. Will miss you guys! xo Ruth 21 March 2017 623.00 ZAR
elaine byrne what a lovely idea well done john xxxx 18 March 2017 672.00 ZAR
Phil Grogan I'm so proud of you Son. I have no doubt that you will reach your goal. Such a lovely idea. Love you so very much. Mam xx 17 March 2017 1,247.00 ZAR
Clare McKenna Happy birthday my gorgeous friend, wish I could celebrate with you in person. Delighted to donate to such a worthy cause, love you x 16 March 2017 682.00 ZAR
Amy Beautiful way to celebrate a beautiful man- and I mean Madeba. 15 March 2017 645.00 ZAR
Bernie Wansboro Happy Birthday John, Such a beautiful idea for your Birthday, ive no doubt you will meet your target.! Ill still buy ya a Brandy for your Birthday in Spain.! Love you..xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 15 March 2017 2,746.00 ZAR
Lois Chang and Louise Marshall We've loved being your neighbors - Will really miss you! Love your project - so proud of you! 15 March 2017 12,853.00 ZAR
Elaine Hill John, What an amazing gift idea. More than happy to donate to such a wonderful cause and idea. Happy 50th Birthday! Cannot wait to celebrate! Lots of Love, Elaine xxx 15 March 2017 1,285.00 ZAR
John G Lets get this started 14 March 2017 642.00 ZAR
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