BY: Andrew Fussell
EVENT: Old Mutual JoBerg2C 2015
01 June 2014 - 01 December 2015

Going for our 3 rd Library delivery!! If you ever get to see what a Library means to these kids you would give more than a simple donation. It is impressive what comes out of the school once the Library is in place. Please help me in creating a more literate youth and a better life for those less fortunate than you or I. Each child educated is another positive contributing person in society so it helps all of us, not just them.

The Libraries on route have so far made a difference daily to more than 7000 kids and we have still got a long way to go. Be part of the new legacy, help me deliver via a small donation. Each rand counts.

Andrew Fussell 2015


Name Comment Date Amount
James Fussell Well Done Andrew We are very Proud of your achievement and supporting a Great Cause 08 May 2015 2,000.00 ZAR
Sheila Best Wishes 22 April 2015 200.00 ZAR
Mary ORTLEPP You are a STAR - So proud of You xxoo 15 April 2015 500.00 ZAR
Bussio Family Sterkte 13 April 2015 1,000.00 ZAR
Adrian Bradley Momentum joing the fight for Child Literacy with Mandela 07 April 2015 10,000.00 ZAR
Nadia Carelse Good luck Andrew, enjoy the ride! 01 April 2015 200.00 ZAR
Rossi Go boy go!! 30 March 2015 250.00 ZAR
Chez Always said this ride is for crazy people! I do love crazy!! So proud of you babe!! Go get number 5!! 27 March 2015 2,000.00 ZAR
Margaret McIntyre It is fulfilling to know that there are special people out there that are willing to make a difference and you are definitely one of them Ride Well all the best 25 March 2015 500.00 ZAR
Rui Albino Good Luck!! 24 March 2015 500.00 ZAR
Kagiso Asset Management Great Cause, Proud to be a part of Mandela's legacy 20 March 2015 5,000.00 ZAR
Investec Asset Management Show us your stripes! Well Done. 18 March 2015 15,000.00 ZAR
Jose Rodrigues great initiative ! 18 March 2015 5,000.00 ZAR
Giza23 17 March 2015 2,000.00 ZAR
Holland Insurance Company Good Luck Andrew 17 March 2015 12,500.00 ZAR
Sharon & Frank Masson Great Cause - Nice one Andrew 16 March 2015 1,000.00 ZAR
Felicity Fussell I am very proud of you - ride safe and remember the rules!!!! Love your mom 11 March 2015 1,000.00 ZAR
Jan H Scholtz Well Done Andrew 09 March 2015 1,000.00 ZAR
Rohan Good Luck Andrew! 09 March 2015 500.00 ZAR
Serele Baker Have you ever looked back at a new photo of yourself and find lots of reasons not to like it? Then a few years later, you see that same photo and you're like "WOW! I looked really hot back then!" Andrew, you're totally HOT RIGHT NOW. What you are doing is so incredibly special. Give yourself permission to see the phenomenal person you are and love every second of it. Happy J2C Hottie! 09 March 2015 500.00 ZAR
Sentinel International Advisory Services Dear Andrew, we are proud to support your cause 05 March 2015 5,000.00 ZAR
Johnny B Great cause Andy, see you in Scottburgh 05 March 2015 2,000.00 ZAR
Analytics A great cause proud of your efforts. 04 March 2015 2,000.00 ZAR
Fussell & Associates The whole company is behind you, Go for it. 02 March 2015 25,000.00 ZAR
Rob Tippett Goo one Andrew, great project. 27 February 2015 2,000.00 ZAR
Premilla Govender All the best in achieving your target 26 February 2015 200.00 ZAR
Yogie Sunthkumar Good Luck Andrew, hope you reach your target 26 February 2015 200.00 ZAR
Justin Rodwell Good luck Fuss 26 February 2015 200.00 ZAR
Universal Phone Company Good luck 26 February 2015 1,000.00 ZAR
Ian Ferguson Go Fuss 26 February 2015 400.00 ZAR
Mike Cheek Good luck Andrew - why isn't Richard Brown riding with ;) 26 February 2015 1,000.00 ZAR
James and Adele go boytjie 25 February 2015 1,000.00 ZAR
Melanie Niemann Go Andrew, supporting you all the way 25 February 2015 500.00 ZAR
Robert Coutts This is bribe money so you wait for me on the hills and so i can hide behind you in to the wind. :) 25 February 2015 500.00 ZAR
Van and Neil Really incredible work. We take our hat off to you Andrew and the whole team. I hope you're training hard for the Sani! 25 February 2015 1,000.00 ZAR
Malani Govender Wishing you all the best for your ride, Good Luck! 25 February 2015 200.00 ZAR
Shane Ensley All the best for your Ride, hope you reach your target. Cheers 25 February 2015 200.00 ZAR
Andrew Fussell I thought I would kick start my campaign with my own cash. It is such a worthy cause that I have been very privileged to be a part of and my target is half a library this year. Every cent counts and I sincerely appreciate your help! 25 February 2015 3,600.00 ZAR
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