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Almost 90% of South African schools do not have libraries

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This is our primary Mandela Day campaign.

Let’s combine forces and really make a difference for our aspiring future generation OUR CHILDREN.

This overview will give you more insight on how you can help us by being part of the solution through donated funds which will not only help us build and deliver the library but will also afford us the opportunity to educate these same children about the behaviours and attitudes that change the face of HIV and Aids in their communities.

The Mandela Day Library Schools project hope is to be able to deliver at least 100 units in the next forty eight months. The need is much larger but realistic goals must be set and considering the fact that an average of 1000 kids occupy each school we are hopeful that by targeting the specific school in areas of greatest need we will have a positive influence over may a child’s life and indeed create an environment that allows the children to be educated.

The container Library concept is not new to South Africa and previous installed libraries although few have had significant effects in making a real and sustainable difference in the children’s life. The project is made up of a number of critical components but it all starts with you! Each container is revamped from old container stock and restored to a product that is not only workable but aseptically pleasing as well.

Step 1 is to collect sufficient funds for a container or a group of containers.

This is done via the Mandela Bangle of the Long Walk to Freedom Brand and corporate donations. Individual Participate for Good fund raising campaigns. Corporate campaigns have proved to be positive as the containers can be branded should the corporate wish (at their costs). Participate for Good is the best way to mobilise many people globally to make a difference while generating awareness at the same time.

Step 2: is to secure the containers and start the refurbishment process, a partnership with Container Conversions has yielded good results so far and a level of consistent quality that we must now accelerate the program and make an impact on many more children about the importance of reading and learning through reading. While the containers are being built we also use this opportunity to skill previously disadvantaged individuals by including them in the process of building each container. This creates jobs for those who are normally excluded by the economy and helps to give new hope to the artisans in training.
Step 3: We in partnership with Soul City, an NGO with their Soul Buddies program, which is a child based organization identifying the needy schools in communities that are able to accept the responsibility of the container and the librarian function that comes with the responsibility. This is all done with the blessing of the Department of Education but more importantly the coordination and acceptance of responsibility of the recipient school principal. The delivery of the first units has brought many valuable lessons and guidance on what needs to be achieved to make the project a success and very sustainable
Step 4: Collection of appropriate reading material, Jointly with Rotary International, Room to Read, Write Associates, Avusa Education, Read South Africa and the Read education Trust, Equal Education, PRAESA and Bilionef we collate books appropriate to the location, age and needs of the children to ensure the library is stocked and useful. Qualibooks Naledi are also use to source local language reader which we buy at a discount to give the youngest access to reader in their own language
Step 5: The delivery and opening is always an exciting day but we look to make it more than memorable with celebrities or local community leaders helping delivery in the school. This is normally a great affair as the presentation is done with a bit of flair to make sure the message of responsibility surrounding HIV and Aids is a message the kids learn at an early age.

It is an unfortunate reality, but township life and impoverished kids in rural areas are often sexually active from the age of 11 and many more are abused with no real info on how to protect themselves. The Mandela Day initiative is a symbol of new hope and inspiration for children and communities in the education programme, which was started through Nelson Mandela.

Ideally we need to generate a donation of R 250 000.00 per container to create the impact and deliver, any donations you create can be aggregated with others to delivery so don't shy away. Start now and leave a legacy not a will!

We look forward to discussing the possibilities further with you and your organisation to see how you can be part of our Mandela Day campaign and start changing the world in which our children live.

Robert Coutts and the Mandela Day School Library initiative

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