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Frequently Asked Questions

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Question. Can we donate in foreign currency?  Yes we accept all major credit cards of most currencies.

Question. Can we do an electronic transfer? Yes we accept all EFT and Swift (International EFT) transactions. Please email for a full set of instructions on how to complete an electronic transfer and have the money registered again your campaign.

Question. How do i add my own event? Send us an email of the event you want to created with, start and finish dates and we will load it in 24 hours generally. 

Question. Can I donate directly to the Mandela Day Library project without an event or Charity Champion?  Yes you can, simply select the Mandela Day library project on the champion page and your donation will go direct to the campaign.

Question. Can I use my last project for a new event? No, we need you to create a new project for each new event with a new target. This will allow your donors to see the new activity and donate again rather than letting them think they have already donated.

Question. Can i get a tax certificate for my Donation in the European Union? Unfortunately not at the present, we are a South African Registered charity and only have tax certificates and code 700 BBBEE status in South Africa currently. We can however give you written confirmation of your donation to the Mandela Day Library project and a certificate certifying your contribution as an individual or company.


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Each donation is subject to bank and credit card transactions of approximately 5%, 

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4. Unconditional donations

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5. Cancellation and refunds 

Should Participate for Good, for whatever reason, decide not to accept a fundraiser’s donation or representation, the donor will be given the opportunity to select a different beneficiary charity or be refunded.

Refunds: No Refund claims are accepted as the donation is taken into account immediately. In exceptional circumstances a refund can be requested and approved at the sole discretion of Participate for Good

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