BY: Long Walk to Freedom Brand and Tiny Wins
EVENT: NFT Digital Kids of the Future
20 March 2022 - 30 November 2025

Mandela, possibly the most recognised Icon of the century and a beacon of hope for Social Justice as well as a guiding light to many a world leader.

What better way to use his legacy in a process that uplifts artists, gives people an opportunity to financial upliftment through investment and all while the Mandela Education Programme back in South Africa becomes one of the beneficiaries of the project.

With more than 200 000 children daily in the literacy programme and a target of 2 000 000 children daily, we need you to make it possible.

As Mr. Mandela once said to our Library team, “we don’t have the ability to help every child , but we have the responsibility to give each child the tools so that they can help themselves. Let’s start with literacy as it’s the first step in education”

Let’s work together to create a world in which we want all our children to live. The NFT’s supports all the Projects under the Mandela Education Programme with a focus on the Mandela Digital Learning Platform.

If you have purchased a Mandela NFT thank you, but also feel free to make a direct donation on this page and have your name recognised on an actual library for any donation over $500.00. We will have it placed on the actual library and send you a photo so that you are directly part of a specifc deployment to a school.

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