BY: Mandela Educatioin Programme
EVENT: Direct Donation
01 January 2019 - 30 September 2022

The Mandela Day Digital Learning project is aimed at the next generation of digital kids. The ones that use Smart Phones as the device of choice, for information and Learning.

                                                            The Freedom to Learn any where and at any time.

The platform is not designed to replace the schooling system, but rather designed to compliment the child's ability to gain global knowledge and to help teachers with the "next Level" of information.

Why should the kids in the city be the only ones to gain exposure to AP maths and advanced resources, that allow's them to learn at a more comprehensive level. Our Library system allows the kids access to additional material like, Wikipidia and Curiosity Stream. It allows them access to Kahn Adacemy, a world class supplemetal leaassons platform on all the subjects with Teacher and Parent support.

Smart boards in classes and the new Mandela Mobile device running on Android as the child's interface.

No learing a complicated PC or Laptop with an operating system and its continual maitenance. Just a simple smart phone interface on Android and away you go. Connected to a world of appropriate info and reference source material, it is the next step in the digital emancipation of rural and improvrised people on the Afican continent.

Be part of that revoilution and make it possible for a child to have access.


Mandela Digital Learning Project


Name Comment Date Amount
Sage Foundation Taking a huge step to Rural Education with the Digital project is a privilege and responsibility we dont take lightly 22 March 2019 450,000.00 ZAR
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