BY: Mandela Concerts Ltd
EVENT: Mandela Centennial Concert 2018
01 October 2017 - 01 September 2018


Since its launch in 2011, the Nelson Mandela Literacy Project has provided 100,000 South African children daily access to reading materials through containerised libraries.

Our work goes hand in hand with the UN’s Millennium Development Goals on poverty alleviation and we are driving efforts to reach an entire generation of children in the face of poverty. 

On the 18th July 2018, what would have been Mandela's 100th Birthday, we aim to raise millions to go towards:

  • 100 new library units to the most vulnerable schools in South Africa
  • 200 Toddler Trolley Library programme for South African children aged 5-6
  • Developing a High School Skills Programme for implementation in 2021
  • Launching the Digital Library and project team (currently undergoing testing)
  • Creating a managed fund to provide security and operational costs of the programme

Over the course of 10 years, we will:

  • Expand the Digital Library to North African and Eastern European underprivileged communities
  • Develop a Children Connectivity web system to link school communities worldwide to stimulate learning and encourage the importance of diversity and understanding different cultures


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Mandela Concerts Centennial Celebration 2018
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