BY: Mandela Bangles
EVENT: Mandela Day Libraries
14 February 2017 - 01 August 2017

Have you name beaded into the base of the Mandela statue forever.

We have a limited amount of space to bead individual names into the base of the Mandela Statue that is currently being created in the Cape Town V&A waterfront centre.

The statue is an artwork in Life Size form of Mr Mandela wit the freedom salute pose. The base will be beaded with the names of all contributors and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have your name at the foot of one of the worlds greatest icons.


The process is simple, Donate your R1400.00 and have your full name beaded into the statue. We will take a photo of it and email you the image. You will be able to follow on facebook the progress of the beaded statue as it completed by Mandela Day the 18th of July 2017.

If you share your picture on your facebook profile and have it shared 10 times we will send you a Mandela Beaded bracelet free of charge to show your friends.

The Mandela Statue will be on permanent display for all the public to see once it is finished. You can come visit us in South Africa and see the statue with your name on it on your next visit to our beautiful country.

Mandela Beaded Statue Centennial Project
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