BY: Saray Khumalo Matlette Coetzee and Rob Bentley
EVENT: Mandela Day Libraries
03 July 2018 - 31 March 2020

9 Peaks for Mandela Libraries is a project that aims to inspire and engage with South African Youth to explore the South African landscape and scale the 9 highest points in each province.

Lead by a group of avid mountanieers and, multiple Everest challanger Saray Khumalo, it will inspire a whole group of youth to reach new hights and hopefully end with the 2020 Everest Expedition resluting in a summit of the highest Peak in the world.

Donating towards this worthy challange will ensure some of the remote regions of South Africa don't go unnoticed and that the too get a chance to use Literacy as a means to change thier own circumstances in life.

Giving the gift of Literacy allows for freedom of thought , spirit and inspires others to learn beyond what they can mearly see. Help us reach new hights. Donate today.

9 Peaks for Mandela Libraries
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